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Section “E” – Wool

Head Steward:

  • David McGruer


  • B. Frost


  • Fox and Lillie Rural Pty Ltd.


  • First Place: $30

  • Second Place: $20

  • Third Place: $10

  • Plus Ribbons & Cards

Note: All Merino Fleeces can be judged based on the Highest Commercial Value.


  • The judge may transfer any entry to another section if incorrectly entered.

  • All fleeces should be skirted; skirtings are not to be included.

  • Fleeces must be grown by the exhibitor and be from the 2023 crop.

  • Fleeces must not exceed 12 months of growth.

  • Unless stated otherwise, exhibits will be judged according to the following scale of points:

    • Trueness to Type: 10

    • Soundness: 10

    • Length: 10

    • Colour: 6

    • Softness: 8

    • Density: 6

    • Character: 10

    • Evenness: 10

    • Top & Noil Product: 30

    • Total: 100 points.

Additional Information:

  • All fleeces will be judged based on common values.

  • Wool exhibits must be prepared and presented by 9 a.m. on Friday and remain until 5 p.m. on Saturday.

  • Shredded or rugged fleeces are not allowed.


  1. Merino Wool Superfine: One fleece, wether or ewe

  2. Merino Wool Fine: One fleece, wether or ewe

  3. Merino Wool Medium: One fleece, wether or ewe

  4. Merino Wool Strong: One fleece, wether or ewe

  5. Merino Wool SRS Type: One fleece, wether or ewe

  6. Merino Fleece of Highest Commercial Value

PERCY Webb Memorial Trophy

   7. Merino Lambs Wool Fine: 500 grams

   8. Merino Lambs Wool Medium or Strong: 500 grams

Special Awards:

  • Ribbon for the highest commercial value

  • Grand Champion Fleece of Show

  • Raymond Webb Memorial Trophy

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