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Section “J” – Juniors

Steward: Jaime Cullen


  • The age of the exhibitor must be indicated on the entry form.

  • All items must be created by the exhibitor within the last 12 months.

  • Entry forms must be submitted and registered with the show secretary by 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

  • All exhibits must be received by the show secretary no later than 9:00 a.m. on Friday morning.

  • All items must be collected by 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.

PLEASE NOTE: All care will be taken with all models and entries however the exhibitor must be aware that during the handling the Show Society is not responsible for any model being dismantled.

Needle Work


1. Machine sewn item

2. Hand-sewn item

3. Knitted item

4. Any other needlework item


5. Machine sewn item

6. Hand sewn item

7. Knitted item

8. Any other needlework item


9. Machine sewn item

10. Hand-sewn item 

11. Knitted item

12. Any other needlework item


13. Machine sewn item

14. Hand sewn item

15. Knitted item

16. Any other needlework item



17. Page of scrapbooking on any subject

18. Woodwork or metalwork item

19. Clay model/pottery item

20. Recycled art robot sculpture

21. Beaded necklace


22. Page of scrapbooking on any subject

23. Woodwork or metalwork item

24. Clay model/pottery item

25. Recycled art robot sculpture

26. Beaded necklace

27. Pet rock

28. Loom band item


29. Page of scrapbooking on any subject

30. Woodwork or metalwork item

31. Clay model/pottery item

32. Recycled art robot sculpture

33. Pet rock

34. Loom band item

35. Shell collage on a small box


36. Clay model/pottery item 

37. Woodwork item

38. Recycled art robot sculpture

39. Pet rock

40. Loom band item

41. Shell collage on a small box

Under 5yrs

42. Paper plate art

43. Paper snowflake

44. Pet rock

45. Play dough item



46. Painting or drawing, any subject any medium

47. Computer-generated picture/design

48. Poster on Tumut Show

49. Cartoon strip on A4 paper, hand-drawn (original design)


50. Painting or drawing, any subject any medium

51. Computer-generated picture/design

52. Poster on Tumut show

53. Cartoon strip on A4, hand-drawn (original design)


54. Painting or drawing, any subject, any medium

55. Computer-generated picture/design 

56. Poster on the Tumut show

57. Cartoon strip on A4, hand-drawn (original design)


58. Painting or drawing any subject, any medium

59. Computer-generated picture/design

60. Poster on the Tumut show

Under 5

61. Painting, any subject any medium


Entries must have been made within the last year. Entries from previous years will not be accepted. All entries must be original in design and creation, i.e., not modeled from the instruction manual.

62. 14-16yrs

63. 11-13yrs

64. 8-10yrs

65. 5-7yrs

66. Under 5yrs

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