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Section “R” – Floriculture


  • Jenny Jamieson

Sponsors of Floriculture Section:

  • Fay and Ray Smith

  • Jan McGruer

  • Lorraine O’Sullivan

  • Lorraine Barton

  • Jenny Jamieson

  • Bonnie and Graham Carroll

  • Leonie and Bradley – Tumut Valley Violets


  • Prize cards will be awarded for each section.

  • Champion Cards and Ribbons will be awarded for each section.

  • Champion Novice Decorative will be awarded for the best entry entered by a competitor who has never won a first prize with a decorative arrangement.

Entry Deadlines:

  • Entries close on Friday, at 6:30 pm. All entries must be submitted and staged by 6:30 p.m. on Friday.

  • Entries will not be accepted on Saturday.

  • All entries must remain in the pavilion until 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Entry Requirements:

  • All entries must be grown by the exhibitor, except in the Decorative section.

  • In the Decorative section, wire or any embellishment may be used, and the suitability of the container will be taken into consideration.

  • All Decorative arrangements must use fresh flowers unless otherwise stated.

  • No dried/silk flower arrangements will be accepted (except if mentioned in the schedule).

  • All exhibits must be shown in containers provided by the show society (except for the Decorative section).

  • No glass containers are allowed except in the Decorative Section.

  • A vase is higher than its width, while a bowl is broader than its height. The use of foliage is allowed.

Additional Information:

  • NND means Not Necessarily Distinct.

  • Cuts refer to the number of stems visible above the rim of the container in classes 1-65.

  • An award will be presented to the highest point scorer.




 Decorative Dahlias

1. 1 Red Dahlia 

2. 1 Yellow Dahlia 

3. 1 Pink Dahlia 

4. 1 White Dahlia

5. 1 Dahlia any other colour

Cactus Dahlias

6. 1 Red Dahlia 

7. 1 Yellow Dahlia

8. 1 Pink Dahlia

9. 1 White Dahlia

10. 1 Dahlia any other colour

Pompom Dahlias

11. 1 Red Dahlia

12. 1 Yellow Dahlia 

13. 1 Pink Dahlia

14. 1 White Dalia 

15. 1 Dahlia any other variety

16. 1 vase of Dahlia, any variety (up to 8 stems)


17. 1 cut Belladonna Lily (Naked Lady) any colour

18. 1 truss (or head) Geranium with foliage 

19. Gerbera NND

20. 1 cut Salvia

21. 3 cut Marigolds, any variety 

22. 1 Zinnia, any variety 

23. 1 cut or head Hydrangea

24. 1 Nerine

25. 1 Crocus, any colour

26. 1 cut Crepe Myrtle

27. Any other Bulb, Corm, or Rhizome bloom, not mentioned in the schedule 

28. 1 cut native Australian blossom or flower

29. 1 Cut any flowering shrub

30. 1 cut or bloom or any other flower not mentioned in the schedule

31. 5 cuts or blooms, different in one container

 ROSES (all roses must have foliage) 


32. 1 Red Rose

33.1 Pink Rose

34. 1 White Rose

35. 1 Yellow Rose

36. 1 Rose, Any other colour 

37. 1 cut Floribunda or Cluster rose 

38. 1 vase of Miniature Roses 

39. 1 bunch of Roses 

40.Old Fashioned Rose



(Champion Ribbon for best arrangement by a novice competitor-Novice is an exhibitor who has not previously won a prize in the Decorative Section at a Tumut Show)

41. Modern Arrangement using one flower and any embellishment

42. Country Kitchen

43. Fabulous Foliage 

44. A rustic arrangement featuring fresh flowers and old metal 

45. A floral arrangement featuring wood 

46. Anything Goes (Freestyle arrangement using whatever you want) 

47. Arrangement using Succulents

48. Arrangement for a special occasion using fresh flowers.


50. Potted Geranium 

51. Potted Fern

52. Pot plant Foliage 

53. Pot Plant Flowering

54. African Violet 

55. Potted Succulent

56. Pot of Succulents, three or more

57. Potted Cactus 

58. Mixed pot of Succulents and Cactus

59. Potted Bromeliad

60. Potted Begonia

61. Potted Fuchsia

62. Most unusual Pot Plant (plant and container taken into consideration)

63. Pot Plant most fun/novelty container

64. Pot of Cacti more than one variety.

65. Any variety not mentioned.


66. Bonsai less than 300mm

67. Bonsai 300mm to 600mm

68. Bonsai 600mm and over


Champion Ribbon for most successful exhibitor for sections 1- 66



(Special prize of $5 for best entry in each age group donated by Bonnie and Graham Carroll)


13 to 16 YEARS

69. Round bowl of flowers.

70. Mad hatter, an arrangement using a hat 

71. Easter Time arrangement


72.  Novelty arrangement using fruit or vegetables and flowers

73. Arrangement in a boot or shoe

74. Arrangement using an unusual container

6 to 8 YEARS

75. Necklace made from any flowers, berries, or plant material

76. Flower arrangement using a cup and saucer

77. Egg cup of flowers

5 and Under  

78. Collection of flowers and leaves stuck to cardboard

79. Small container of flowers

80. Mr. Potato Man may use any other fruit - vegetables or anything you like to help decorate him                            

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