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Section “L” – Preserves


  • Judy Britton

Entry Fees:

  • There are no entry fees for this section.


  • Prizes: $10 for first place and $5 for second place in each section. These prizes have been generously donated by the Ladies Auxiliary and kind sponsors.

  • Ribbons and prize cards will be awarded as usual.

Entry Deadlines:

  • All entry forms must be in the hands of the secretary by 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

  • Entries must be with the steward no later than 9:00 a.m. on Friday.

Exhibit Retrieval:

  • All exhibits must remain in the pavilion until 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Number of Entries:

  • Each exhibitor is allowed one entry in each class.

Jar Size:

  • Minimum jar size: 180 grams.

Collection of 'Three Varieties':

  • In the collection of the 'three varieties,' the same jar cannot be used if entered in another section.

Entry Dates:

  • All entries must have been made within the last twelve months.

Labeling and Presentation:

  • Jars with commercial labels will not be accepted.

  • Jars should be filled within ¼ inch from the top, and the inside of the lids should be clean. Lids may be loosened for ease of judging.

  • Sauces must be in CLEAR bottles with screw-on lids; no jars are allowed.

  • Entries in varieties "not mentioned" should be labeled to identify their contents.

Special Awards:

  • A ribbon and trophy will be awarded to the champion exhibit, donated by the family of the late Cynthia Webb, and selected by the Judge.

  • Tumut Show Ladies Auxiliary - The Margaret Mitchell Memorial Award for the 'Best Blackberry Jam,' along with an award ribbon.

  • The Margaret Mitchell Perpetual Trophy for the best Blackberry Jam, donated by her Family.



1. Collection of jams, 3 varieties (name each jar)

2. Plum jam (dark)

3. Plum jam (light)

4. Apricot

5. Peach

6. Strawberry

7. Blackberry

8. Raspberry

9. Fig

10. Melon any flavour

11. Jam not mentioned



12. Collection of marmalade 3 varieties (name each jar)

13. Orange

14. Three fruit marmalade

15. Marmalade ‘not mentioned’


16. Collection of jelly 3 varieties (name each jar)

17. Quince

18. Apple

19. Mint

20. Jelly not mentioned

21. Jar Lemon Butter



22. Tomato Sauce (no seeds)

23. Plum Sauce

24. Sweet Chilli (not hot)

25. Worcestershire Sauce

26. Collection of 3 sauce’s

27. Green Tomato Pickles

28. Mustard Pickles

29. Zucchini Pickle

30. Sauce not mentioned

31. Pickle not mentioned

32. Jar Pickled Onions


33. Sweet Fruit Chutney

34. Mango Chutney  

35. Tomato Chutney

36. Chutney not mentioned

37. Tomato Relish

38.  Corn Relish

39. Cucumber Relish

40. Chutney or Relish not mentioned



41.  Jar Cooked Mayonnaise

42. Jar Mayonnaise

43. Jar Salad Dressing

44. Jar Apple Sauce

45. Decorated Jar or bottle of oil (judged on appearance only)

46. Decorated Jar or Bottle of Vinegar (judged on appearance only) 

47. Jar of Extracted Honey

48. Other item not mentioned



49. Preserved Peaches

50. Preserved Pears

51. Preserved Cherries

52. Preserved Fruit (not mentioned)

53. Preserved Vegetables

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