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Section “K” – Cookery


  •  Margaret Johnson, Jenny Malone, Frances Webb

Entry Fees:

  • There are no entry fees for this section.


  • Prizes: $10 for first place and $5 for second place in sections 1-8. These prizes have been generously donated by the Ladies Auxiliary and kind sponsors.

  • Ribbons and prize cards will be awarded as usual.

  • A Champion Ribbon will be awarded to the winning sponge.

Entry Deadlines:

  • All entry forms should be submitted by Thursday at 5:00 pm.

  • Entries must be in the hands of the stewards no later than 9:00 am on Friday.

Exhibit Retrieval:

  • All exhibits must remain in the pavilion until 4:30 pm on Saturday.

Number of Entries:

  • Each competitor is allowed one entry in each class.


  • All entries must be placed on disposable plates or cardboard and then enclosed in oven bags or zip-lock bags for ease of viewing.

Special Prizes:

  • Champion Sponge: Champion Ribbon and a $25 Voucher donated by Club Tumut.

  • Rich Fruit Cake: $25 Voucher donated by Pie in the Sky (Please refer to the hints for the approved fruit cake recipe to qualify for the zone award).

  • Carrot Cake: $25 Voucher donated by Pie in the Sky.

  • Best Collection of Slice: $25 Voucher donated by Pie in the Sky.

  • Best Collection of Biscuits: $25 Voucher donated by Pie in the Sky.

  • Lorna Webb Memorial Point Score Trophy for the Most Successful Exhibitor (two points for 1st place, one point for 2nd place).

  • Best Decorated Cake. $50 prize will be donated by Margaret Hillier


  • Prizes generously donated by Tumut Ladies Auxiliary, Club Tumut, Inside Out Home Store, Toyworld, Pie in the Sky, Margaret Johnson, and Harvey Norman.

Additional Conditions:

  • No ring cakes are allowed.

  • All butter cakes should be approximately 2 1/2” or 6cm in height.

  • No cornflour should be used in sponge recipes unless otherwise stated.

  • Oven bags or zip-lock bags are required for the display of cakes.

  • Packet cakes are not allowed unless otherwise stated.

choc chip.jpeg

Section 1-2 will not be cut, judged on Decoration only

  1. Best Decorated Cake. $50 prize will be donated by Margaret Hillier

  2. Best Decorated Children’s Birthday Cake

  3. Plum Pudding (cooked in a cloth) Margaret Mitchell Memorial Prize

  4. Rich fruit cake. (Recipe as per the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW. Download Here) $25.00 prize as well as the voucher from Inside out.

  5. Sultana Cake

  6. Boiled Fruit Cake uniced 

  7. Plain sponge, uniced, jam filling

  8. Cornflour sponge sandwich cake, jam filling

  9. Plain Butter cake, uniced

  10. Orange Cake, (loaf tin) iced on top only

  11. Chocolate Butter Cake uniced.

  12. Marble Cake, icing on top

  13. Banana Cake (Loaf tin) lemon icing top only

  14. Carrot Cake, (Loaf tin) with lemon icing on top

  15. Mud Cake – any flavour

  16. Date and Nut loaf

  17. Tea Cake

  18. Best Packet Cake

  19. Any Other cake not mentioned

  20. Gluten Free cake, iced

  21.  Exhibitor 80 years and over – My Favorite cake

  22. Cake made by a man ($10 prize donated by Margaret Johnson)

  23. Four iced patty/cupcakes

  24. Cake made in an air fryer

  25. 3 Muffins – any flavour (not packet mix)

  26. Best collection of Slices, 3 distinct varieties, three of each

  27. Best collection of Biscuits 3 distinct varieties 3 of each.

  28.  Apple Pie, pastry on top and bottom, baked in a pie plate, uniced, trophy donated by Inside Out Home store

  29. Four Plain Scones

  30. Four Scones (any other Variety)

  31. Homemade Bread (machine-made)

  32. Homemade bread (Handmade)


      Kids Section First $10 Second $5

      $10 and Ribbon for best overall 

      entry in kid's section donated by

      Margaret Johnson


       13 to 16 years

33. Plain Butter cake iced on top only

34. 4 slices (one Variety)

35. 4 Anzac biscuits 

36. 4 muffins – (one Variety not packet cake )

37. Decorated birthday cake


       9 to 12 years

38. Packet Cake iced on top only

39. 4 decorated cupcakes

40. Decorated birthday cake


       6 to 8 years

41. Packet Cake, not iced

42. 4 decorated Milk arrowroot biscuits

43. 4 decorated cupcakes

44. 4 Pikelets unbuttered

45. Novelty figure made from bought lollies/sweets


       5 years and under

46. 4 decorated Milk arrowroot biscuits

47. Edible necklace (made from anything edible (sweets/ fruit/vegs) single or multiple strung on cotton or fishing line.

Hints for cooking.jpeg



"Exhibitors, please ensure to download and print out the entry tags for your exhibits. You can find the downloadable tags just below this message. Attach these tags securely to your entries before submitting them. Thank you!"


Download here

Winners at country shows will each receive a cash prize of $25 and will be required to bake a second “Rich Fruit Cake” in order to compete in a Group Final to be conducted by each of the fourteen Groups of the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW. 

The fourteen winners at Group level will each receive a cash prize of $30, and are required to bake a third “Rich Fruit Cake” for the Final judging at the Royal Easter Show where the winner will receive a cash prize of $100.00.

choc cake.jpeg
Cake tips.jpeg


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