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Section “N” – Knitting & Crochet

Head Steward:

  • Margaret Williams 


  • Yvette March


  • Champion Exhibit Ribbon, plus a $50 BWM voucher.

  • Most Successful Exhibitor Ribbon, $25 BWM voucher.

  • Bendigo Woollen Mills (BWM ), owned by Aus Yarns Pty Ltd, have donated 7 prizes of wool
    vouchers, to a total value of $200.00.

  • A & L Moffat donation of 2, $25.00 Spotlight Vouchers


  • ANY yarn or wool may be used in ANY class unless stated to be knitted in 100% Animal Fibre.

  • Attach commercial labels to these specific exhibits.

  • For entries in the Handspun section please attach a sample of the spun yarn and a tag with
    the composition of the yarn.

  • All work to be completed, clean, not worn or used, and bona fide work of the exhibitor.

  • Entries to have been completed in the past 2 years and not have won a prize at a previous
    Tumut Show.

  • A limit of 3 items in each class per exhibitor with the exception of classes 21 to 24 which are
    limited to 1 entry per exhibitor.

  • Small Rugs not to exceed 100cm x 100 cm

  • Large Rugs may be any size greater than 100cm x 100cm

  • Exhibitors, please note: Garment is an item that can be worn. An article is an item that cannot
    be worn.

  • All entry forms and Indemnity Waivers are to be in by 5.30 pm Thursday.

  • All exhibits must be in the hands of the stewards no later than 9 am Friday.

  • Exhibits may not be collected until after 4.30 pm on Show Day and must be marked off
    before being taken.


1. Baby Set, Matinee Jacket, Bonnet, and Bootees.
2. Baby Matinee Jacket
3. Daintiest Baby Dress
4. Baby Bonnet, Hat, Beanie, Bootees, or Shoettes (may be an individual items or a set)
5. Any other Baby Item not mentioned above
6. Adult Jumper or Cardigan, using 100% Animal Fibre. A commercial Label must be attached.
7. Child's Jumper or Cardigan, using 100% Animal Fibre. A commercial Label must be attached.
8. Adult Jumper or Cardigan using any Fibre

9. Child jumper or Cardigan using any Fibre
10. Knitted Wearable Accessory- hat, beanie, glove, sock, scarf etc.

11. Hand-knitted garment in Homespun (can be any combination of natural or synthetic
fibers. Include a sample of yarn and include fibers used.)


12. Any Garment, any carriage

13. Any Article, any carriage


14. Baby Set, Matinee Jacket, Bonnet and Bootees.
15. Daintiest Baby Dress
16. Baby Matinee Jacket
17. Baby Bootees, Shoettes, Bonnet, Hat or Beanie (may be individual or a set)
18. Adult top
19. Childs top
20. Crochet Wearable Accessory- hat, beanie, scarf, gloves, socks etc


(Items may be knitted or crocheted only or can use a combination of both)
21. Small Rug or Shawl using 100% wool (Please attach a commercial label).
22. Large Rug, using 100% wool (Please attach a commercial label).
23. Small Rug or Shawl using any fiber.
24. Large Rug using any fiber
25. Article not mentioned in the schedule


26. Junior
      A: 5-8 year olds
      B: 9-12-year-olds
      C: 12-17 year olds

27. Senior – any entrant over 70 years
28. Disability – exhibitor with a Disability or Aged Care


This group is for senior groups, aged care, community groups, and handicraft groups;
30. Any knitted or crocheted item

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