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Section “Q” – Handicrafts


  • Jenny Allen

Entry Deadlines:

  • All entry forms and exhibits must be submitted to the secretary by 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

  • All exhibits must be placed in the pavilion by 9:00 a.m. on Friday and must remain there until 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.


  • All entries must be the bonafide work of the exhibitor, completed in the past 12 months.

  • While all care will be taken, the Show Society will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur while the exhibits are in their care.


  • A $30 gift voucher will be awarded for the Champion Handicraft. 

  • $50 from North Home Variety

  • $20 from The Cotton Merchants

  • Marie McInerney Memorial Award for overall point score winner.

Special Note:

  • Please note that entries in this section should not be knitted or crocheted.

  1. Piece of plaited leatherwork

  2. Piece of tooled leather

  3. Article made by exhibitor over 80 years

  4. Handmade woven article - $20 from North Home Variety

  5. A saleable article, suitable fete, or stalls - $20 from The Cotton Merchants

  6. Best fabric doll

  7. Article of folk art (no yard art)

  8. Handmade hat (not knitted or crochet)

  9. Scrapbooking, single or double layer

  10. The article made from recyclable products (no yard art)

  11. Handmade jewellery

  12. Hand felted article

  13. Prettiest coathanger (not knitted or crochet)

  14. Best handmade tea cozy (not knitted or crocheted)

  15. Handmade card

  16. Article of decorated mosaic - $30 from North Home Variety

  17. Handspun yarn (3 different skein)

  18. Handspun designer yarn

  19. Handmade floor rugs (not knitted or crochet)

  20. Lacework

  21. Handmade shopping bags

  22. Fly tying

  23. Article not mentioned

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