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Section “I” – Vegetables

Steward: Clare Malone 


  • Exhibitors must be an individual (except schools in the junior section).

  • All exhibits must be homegrown by the exhibitor(s).

  • Exhibits must be delivered to the pavilion by 9 a.m. on Friday and remain ticketed until 4 p.m. on Saturday.

  • Each exhibit must compete in only one section.

  • Varieties must be stated on the back of the ticket attached to the exhibit, where applicable.

  • If there's only one exhibit, the judge may withhold a prize unless the exhibit is of exceptional merit or award second prize only. The second prize requires three or more exhibits.


  • Ribbon for Champion Exhibit

  • Champion Ribbon for Best Collection (C)

  • Champion Ribbon for Best Vine Vegetables (V)

  • Champion Ribbon for Best Root Vegetable (R)

  • Champion Ribbon for Best Leafy/Bush Vegetable (L)/Fruit/Farm Produce (F)

veg basket.jpeg
veggie basket.jpeg
  1. V Tomatoes, three heaviest

  2. V Tomatoes, three best quality – state variety

  3. V Tomato Largest

  4. V Best Truss of tomatoes – state variety

  5. V Best Collection of Tomatoes, six varieties, three of each variety

  6. V Three Chilli - NEW

  7. V Capsicum - NEW

  8. V Cucumbers, three long variety

  9. V Cucumbers, three apple variety

  10. V Zucchini, any variety, no more than 18cm or 7 inches

  11. V Squash, Hubbard

  12. V Squash, Banana

  13. V Squash, any other variety– state variety

  14. V Water Melon, to be cut

  15. V Water Melon, heaviest to be weighed

  16. V Rock Melon

  17. V Rock Melon, Largest

  18. V Jam Melon

  19. V Melon, any other variety– state variety

  20. V Pumpkin, Queensland Blue, to be cut

  21. V Pumpkin Jarrahdale, to be cut

  22. V Pumpkin, Butternut, to be cut

  23. V Pumpkin, Butternut, Largest

  24. V Pumpkin, any other variety, to be cut – state variety

  25. V Pumpkin, heaviest - to be weighed.

  26. V Marrow, long yellow

  27. V Marrow, long green

  28. V Gourd - NEW

  29. V Bush beans, 250g - state variety

  30. V Runner beans, 250g - state variety

31. R Six Potatoes, white

32. R Six Potatoes, red

33. R Largest Potato

34. R Radishes, bunch of three, any variety

35. R Parsnips, bunch of three

36. R Largest Parsnip

37. R Onions, three white

38. R Onions, three brown

39. R Onions, three red odourless

40. R Onions, three odourless

41. R Onions, three any other variety – state variety

42. R Best Collection of Onions, three varieties, three of each variety

43. R Garlic, three knobs

44. R Carrots, bunch of three, short variety

45. R Carrots, bunch of three, long variety

46. R Largest Carrot

47. R Beetroot, bunch of three, short variety

48. R Beetroot, bunch of three, long variety

49. L Silver Beet, six stalks

50. L Rhubarb, six stalks

51. L Lettuce, variety to be named- NEW

52. L Celery, six stalks- NEW

53. L Any other leafy green not mentioned variety to be named NEW

54. Any other vegetable not mentioned variety to be named

55. C Collection of Vegetables by non-commercial grower

56. C Collection of Herbs in Basket


57. Box/basket of vegetables – minimum six combinations of any variety -named.

58. Best pumpkin any variety, to be cut – state variety 

59. Best decorated pumpkin of any variety (pumpkin may be purchased or grown).


60. F Six Plums – state variety

61. F Six Nectarines – state variety

62. F Bunch of Grapes – state variety

63. F Ten Figs– state variety

64. F Any other fruit not mentioned variety to be named

65. F Most unusual Fruit or Vegetable grown in the local area - NEW

65. C Collection of Fruit, varieties to be named, at least four of 66. each by a non-commercial grower

67. F Exhibit three stalks Hybrid Maize, to be judged on the quality and quantity of cobs

68. F Three Cobs of Sweet Corn, any variety

69. F Three Stalks of Sweet Corn, judged on quality and quantity of cobs

70. F Bale of Lucerne Hay

71. F Bale of Hay– state variety

72. F 12 Hen Eggs, brown

73. F 12 Hen eggs, white

74. F 12 Duck eggs

75. F 12 eggs any other variety not mentioned – state variety

76. C Collection of Eggs – 12 different colours/types – 2 ea maximum -NEW

77. F Any other farm produce not mentioned – state variety 

veggie basket.jpg
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