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Fat Lamb Competition
Guidelines and Information

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- Competition will be divided into 2 classes; “merino” and “prime lamb”

  • Lamb is defined as; “no permanent incisor teeth in wear, normally older than 5 months and less than 12 months old”.

  • “Prime lamb” category is to encompass all breeds other than merino (eg; cross-bred, Suffolk, Dorper etc).

  • If more than 10 Lambs are entered into the crossbred class; a subclass will be created for a heavy (>55kg lwt) and Light (<55kg lwt) category. Merinos will be entered as one class.

- Lambs will be judged by two components;

  • “Hoof” Section – Judged on show day. Based on the best commercial lamb for each class. Lamb is given a score out on 100. (Scored on Skin/ Fat/ Breed/ Frame/ Muscle/ Conformation etc)

  • “Hook” section – lamb carcases will be assessed by independent testing methods at Gundagai Meat Processors. Assessments include: lean meat yield, Intramuscular fat, and Animal health information. Lamb is given a score out of 100.

  • A champion trophy will be awarded to the highest combined point-scoring Lamb (across all classes).

- Lambs are to be delivered to the showground between 7 am and 9 am on show day. “Hoof” section to be judged on show day.

- On Sunday, Lambs will be transported to Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP) for processing. “Hook” section will be judged at GMP.

- Competitors will have 3 options with their lambs after processing:

1) Collect processed lamb back in a box (shoulder chops, loin chops, cutlets, leg roasts) the following week from Smarts Butchers, Gundagai.

2) Collect processed lamb as a whole carcase, from Smarts Butchers, Gundagai.

3) Donate lamb to show society for show day raffle. - Entry Fee will be $90/ head. (This will cover processing costs).

- Entry forms need to be received by Friday 23rd at 5 pm. Entries will be taken on a first-in-first-served basis. We are limited to 40 head. Entry forms are available HERE

- Prizes are awarded for class winners and Champion Lamb is awarded a perpetual trophy and bragging rights!


Livestock Movements:

- Livestock will need to be delivered with correct eartags and Vendor Declaration.

- End destination on vendor declaration will be: Gundagai Meat Processors 2916 Gocup Rd, Gundagai, NSW 2722

- Sheep will be fitted with a pink post tag at the showground, as a method to trace sheep along the processing line, and in order to give feedback to competitors.

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